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Nashville 3 Day Kitchen & Bath Testimonials

Greg, we so appreciate all that you brought to this process. Your help in the design phase was essential to our current level of satisfaction with the end product. You have delivered on your value proposition. For that, we are truly grateful that we chose you as our contractor. It is difficult for a finance guy like me not to compare costs and make that a big part of the decision but I am very close to saying it was well worth it. I am happy that we put our trust in you. And I also want to commend you on Steve and Felix. Their hard work and care about the work were evident. In our interactions with them, and their interactions with our children, it was evident that that you have a professional, trustworthy team in them. We are grateful for them as our builders, for you as our contractor and go-to guy, and for making this a positive event in our family's life.

First of all let me say, I love my bathroom completed by 3 Day Kitchen and Bath! It is a tremendous upgrade from the previous bath and laundry area. Having a bath that not only looks top-notch but is functional is very important. I value the fact Greg Mayo is an architect and could advise us of not only the most efficient use of the space but also remaining within our wishes and most of all our budget. The work was completed quickly and on time. It was satisfying to see the products we chose installed. Your crew was not only hard-working, but friendly and considerate of their time in our home. They left the entire house spotless. We had a few items on a punch list that were performed immediately. We highly recommend 3 Day Kitchen and Bath to anyone considering making any type of change. Why suffer through weeks or months of frustrations on a remodeling project when 3 Day Kitchen and Bath makes is easy? Greg Mayo was professional in the presentation and selection of products. He understands the importance of customer service. We would highly recommend him and 3 Day Kitchen and Bath to anyone and everyone we know.

When I first heard of 3 Day Kitchen & Bath, I thought, "There's no way they could do a good job in three days - they must carry only the plain Jane cabinets, counter tops and flooring. Then you came to our house and we found out that you offered top quality materials and tons of choices and lots of custom options. You worked with us to design a bathroom that was perfect for our family. The installation was clean, thorough and professional - and you were done in just three days! The bathroom is beautiful.

We love our kitchen and bath. It is so fun to have so much convenience in such a small space. All of our neighbors can't believe that you were able to complete the job in such a short time. Many say, "In that fast of a time did you really get good quality workmanship?" Of course, the answer is come and see for yourself! They are amazed at the beauty and convenience of the kitchen, we are also. It is really great to have so many electrical outlets. No more extension cords running across the counter. And the counter top is so easy to keep clean. We are sorry now that we didn't remodel sooner.

The new bathroom is a thing of beauty. The new 3 way mirror, the shower stall, it is hard to believe that it all fit in that old 2x4 bathroom space. The elegance and convenience the bathroom gives to two old people with bad knees cannot be imagined. We want to take this opportunity to also thank the crew that came to do the job. They were always courteous and helpful to us. We never had to worry once about the care of our home while we were away. And what a great surprise to come home after the construction and find that everything was ready for us to move in and use. All the new appliances were installed and working well. And what a surprise to find new matching towels hanging on the towel racks in the bathroom. Thanks again for your great work.

We're thoroughly pleased with our new bathroom. You've kept all the promises you made to us, and we'd be happy to recommend your company to anyone. Just have them give us a call. Thanks again for being so attentive and responsive and for doing such a nice job.

The other night we had a large gathering with 38 people in attendance. My new kitchen design facilitated the feeding of that many people. On top of that it with the new design and materials it was so easy to clean up afterward.

There are no words for me to express how happy we are with our new kitchen and bathroom! I feel my house is truly perfect now - without a flaw - - thanks to the expertise of you and your wonderful crew! And done in 3 days!!

This is my new kitchen, and I love it! 3 Day Kitchen & Bath did it on time, even though they had to re-arrange the whole kitchen so that I could have a new dishwasher. I especially like the new sink, which has no ridges or edges to clean.

Nashville: 615-824-4280

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