Nashville 3 Day Kitchen & Bath Remodeling

A Top-Notch Renovation

Quality craftsmanship and the finest materials. Professional re-designs that meet your tastes and make your rooms more convenient to use. (This is not a cover-up or a refinishing job.)

In 3 Days or Less

We do what no one else has ever done before!

From Floor to Ceiling

Beautiful new cabinetry, counter-tops and flooring. Walls moved or removed, repaired, retextured and painted. Plumbing, electrical and lighting upgraded. Truly a complete renovation.


If you are not completely satisfied, for any reason, we'll do whatever is necessary to correct the problem to your satisfaction. You can't lose!

Nashville, TN: 615-824-4280

Why We Started 3 Day Kitchen & Bath

In 1997, when 3 Day Kitchen & Bath was founded, the average kitchen remodeling project lasted at least 3 months. Bathrooms took 6 weeks or more. (Time frames still haven't improved since then.) In most cases it was a miserably long experience that only ended with a final bill which was much larger than the original estimate. We were confident that we could do a complete renovation in just 3 days, so we figured out a unique remodeling process and sealed it with a price guarantee.

In the decades since, we have trained 3 Day Kitchen & Bath Authorized Dealers in many areas of the United States. Using our proven process, these independently owned contractors have remodeled thousands of kitchens and bathrooms throughout the country.

We trust your local 3 Day Kitchen & Bath Authorized Dealer with our good name and reputation, and we are confident that you will enjoy "The Ultimate Remodeling Experience".

Let us help you turn your Nashville kitchen
into something extraordinary.
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Let us help you turn your Nashville bathroom
into the one of your dreams.
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"Larry & I could not be more satisfied with the installation of our new kitchen. Your courteous employees did a great job. Several of our neighbors couldn't believe that it was done on time (they all came over to see it the day after it was completed, and gave it 5 STARS." – Phyis S.

Nashville, TN: 615-824-4280